How to Improve Your English Without Reading Books

Plus a really great excuse to watch more movies

Communication skills are crucial in the modern world. From casting a good impression to writing professional emails, language plays a big role in everybody’s lives. It is commonly believed that reading a lot is good for our semantic ability. But books often fail to be very impressionable. And one might have to read a lot or for years before he/she notices any significant changes. Books no doubt have their own advantages, from calming the mind to building a strong linguistic foundation. But if you want to improve your writing, understanding, and speaking skills fast then read on to discover 4 fun and interesting ways to do so. 

  1. Join a content writing course

A content writing course is one of the best ways to improve your English. In fact, there are so many advantages that a separate article can be written about it. Some of the main pointers are listed below. 

  1. Writing improves vocabulary and spoken English
  2. It also boosts confidence while speaking
  3. Grammatical errors are completely obliterated
  4. Boosts creativity and imagination
  5. Important things like ad copy writing, SEO, and blogging are taught.
  6. Content Writing is also a great life skill

2.  Watch Movies and Sitcoms

We all love streaming movies, tv shows, etc. But our favorite pastime may have a secret benefit. Watching English movies and channels improves our spoken English significantly and fast. Our brain grasps information faster when listening to other people talk. Watching on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime is better and less time-consuming than watching on TV. Even Youtube is a great option when you don’t have either. But remember to turn on the subtitles initially and off them once you can understand fluently on your own. 

3. Read whatever you like

Reading doesn’t necessarily mean books, it can be anything from magazines to even sports reports. Another good example of offhand reading can be Online articles and adcopys. Online articles help to keep up with the latest phrases and changes in the language. Plus they are also informative. Adcopys too have very concise and crisp language used in them. Reading is more effective when it is done with interest and motivation. 

4. Use Online Tools

Online tools and websites make learning a lot of fun. They are also great for schools and will help the children connect with the lesson better. Some examples being:-

  1. ABCya!.com
  2. Vocabulary.com
  3. Duolingo
  4. Grammarly

In summary

These were some easy, proof-tested, and entertaining ways to refine your language. Do try them and share your thoughts in the comment section. 


How to Earn your First 1000$ from Blogging

:-Sitting at home and with minimal investment

Writing has always been a form of art. In ancient times it was used as a way of expression. But with the invention of the internet, it is not only great storytellers and poets that writing can support but also common people like you and me. Now there are many great options like ad copywriting, content writing, blogging, etc. to choose from. Today we are going to focus on blogging and how to earn from it. 

What is Blogging?

A blog is anything self-published on the internet by an individual. It can be anything like essays, photos, videos, etc. A text blog can be of many types like personal, professional, educational, etc. One can start his or her blog by first creating a website. The steps of starting a blog are listed below:-

  1. Create a website from tools like WordPress or blogger .com
  2. Design a beautiful layout, it might not be perfect at first but don’t worry.
  3. Choose a blog name, topic, and site tagline.
  4. Promote it on social media and social networks.
  5. Start writing: remember good content is the key. 

Now that we have cleared what is a blog and how you can start one let us move on to how you can earn from one.

How to earn from a blog?

  1. Increase viewership –

The most basic step to start getting paid is to increase traffic to your site. This is true because of the following 3 reasons:-

i) Get paid based on viewers on websites like medium.com

ii)Increases payment by advertisements

iii) Increase blog value

A few steps to increase viewership are 

i) Ace SEO

ii) Promote on social media 

iii) Write quality content

Once your viewers have increased, try the following step.

  1. Premium  posts 

So instead of publishing all the posts for free, one is publishing some posts in a hidden category. The viewer will have to pay a certain fee to unlock access to all posts.  This is a great way to increase revenue. 

  1. Advertising 

Advertising is the most paying option of all and the best part is it requires minimal effort. If used correctly, advertising can easily pay around 10,000$ per month.  But it also has some downsides like ads draw out the beauty and authenticity of your site. They are annoying and if one goes overboard he/she might irritate the readers resulting in loss of viewership. 

  1. Guest Blogging

   Guest blogging or guest posting is writing for another individual’s/company’s website.  The main aim is to a) get paid b) attract traffic back to our site. The average cost of an article is anything from 50-5000 dollars. But guest posting isn’t that easy it requires an insane amount of hard work. For example, sometimes only one out of 50 pitches you pitch get accepted. 

Bottom line 

Blogging is a slow and hard process. The money takes a lot of time to come in. But one thing is for sure: in the end, it is all worth it. The most important part is to just start. Learn from the mistakes and keep upgrading ourselves.