We Don’t Need Your Money

A big-time mistake modern-day parents are making.

These days so many parents are obsessed with leaving huge figures of money behind as inheritance for their kids. For this they have to work many-a-times day and night, sometimes both the parents. But they forgot that their children do not want or require their money because they need something else. But what, let us find out – 

  1. Time, effort, and love

The first thing a child wants from his parents is their time. A good way of showing that you love and care is not showering anyone with gifts, but taking out your time for them. One needs to put his energy and effort to make them kind, responsible, and mature.

  1. Give knowledge and life skills

These days attitude and life skills are a necessity for someone who wants to live an independent and free life. Parents should teach their children these skills and cultivate a positive attitude towards life. Instead of endowing your child with money, endow them with the capability of making money anywhere and anytime. 

  1. Gratefulness for money

Children should understand the hard work that goes into bringing food to the table. Then only they will understand the value of money. Take them to work with you, to an orphanage, or if they are old enough ask them to set up a stall; this will teach them gratefulness. 

  1. Money can’t buy everything 

There are some things that are priceless like happiness, kindness, family, etc. which cannot be purchased but have to be earned and understood. Parents need to teach their children to be happy, kind, and fun; that one can enjoy without paying. These values and teachings are the lifelong riches you can and should give to your child. 

  1. Show them problems 

Creating a perfect childhood without any difficulties will destroy your child’s life because problems teach more than the best teacher. Facing problems gives one confidence, maturity, and a sense of responsibility. Difficulties are a part of life, one cannot run away from them. Showing them problems in their childhood will prepare them for the bigger problems in life and also instill a problem-solving attitude. 


These small but crucial steps go a huge way in shaping your child’s future. Not only children but parents too can learn a lot by following this advice. Let us end with a quote- 

“ If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.”                                                   

                                                                                                                             – Abigail Van Buren