Unschooling Diaries #4: What Burned Cookies Taught Me

With care, I add the finishing touches to my cookies before I set them in the oven to bake, 180℉ for 20 minutes like always, one tray top of the other. After cleaning the vessels and wiping the slab, I check the oven, 5 minutes have passed and everything seems good. I talk with my parents and eagerly wait for the time to pass. Finally,20 minutes are over and I can hear the finishing sound of the microwave. Oh! But when I opened the door the smell of combustion was clear. There was nothing to do except brace for the worse as I stooped down to check the amount of damage. And there they were black as ink and to make matters worse the bottom batch was still raw. The cause was uneven heat distribution in the oven. 

 A little disheartened but there was no way I was going to accept defeat.  So, I broke the cookie in half, only to find it in perfect condition on the inside! It was only the top part that was burned. So, I set to work removing the top part and saving the rest. I set the raw one to bake again, and now we have 2 perfectly fine batches of cookies. You might not believe it, but the almost burnt one tastes better than the other one.

It did cross my mind to just toss them away and try making another one tomorrow. But my persistence didn’t let me and this helped me save time, energy, and some delicious cookies from getting wasted. Do you notice how this applies in our everyday lives as well? We throw away something, even if it gets a little old or damaged, instead of fixing it or finding alternative uses for it. Then we go and get a replacement without even thinking just because we can. Needless buying deprives the poor people of their share and is excessively strenuous for the environment. Remember whatever we consume today is in one way borrowed from future generations. So next time think twice before throwing away or even buying something.