White Lie: The Odious Secret of Dairy Industry

Happy cows only exist in the images on milk cartons

Milk. Milk has been so articulately bred in the workings of daily life, that existence without it is impossible to imagine but is it? Humans, like every other mammal SHOULDN’T, drink milk after it stops breastfeeding. So why is milk consumed anyway? The only answer that comes to mind is: to satisfy the human want of taste. Yes, dairy products have no significant health benefits which cannot be taken from more sustainable, ethical, and healthier alternatives.  Thus, leaving us with one option – taste, but is it worth it? Does the satisfaction of pleasure compensate for the heinous lies this industry hides? 

The Procedure

Before the commercialization of milk, A normal lactation procedure would be as follows. 

The newborn calf will be kept near his mother or other calves. He/she will be allowed to graze and eat fresh grass. As the no. of animals would be less, they will receive affection and love from their human caretakers. The female cattle will reach puberty at the age of anywhere between 16-40 months. After around 4 months she would start reproducing. After 9 months of the pregnancy, she will give birth and produce milk. Half of it will be kept for the calf and the rest humans will take.

An increase in population and demand for milk and our refusal to adapt and adjust has resulted in the following. 

Industrialization of not milk – but cattle.

Industrialization means the extensive reorganization of something for the purpose of manufacturing. And this is exactly what has happened; Cows are not living beings anymore but just milk-manufacturing money-making machines.  Read on to find out how.

If the newborn calf is a male, they will abandon him on the road only a day after he is born. Where he will either starve to death or be slaughtered for meat. 

If it is a female, she will be locked in a small cage. So, the humans can keep the milk for themselves. When she grows up she will suffer the same fate as her poor mother…

The mother who has been separated from her child which she carried inside her body for 10 tiring months,  is immediately made to lactate. Now, the lactating process if done frequently(which it is, as the cows are made artificially pregnant again and again) causes pain, mastitis, and premature death. With help of antibiotics and hormones, the milk production in a bovine’s body has doubled than what it would normally be. Which leads to serious serious damage to their body. Not only this but the cows are kept in uninhabitable conditions. Covered in their own filth they are not treated unless it is affecting the quantity of milk. Kept in small cemented compartments, never made to see the light, they are fed in most cases only dry grass. Even if she makes it alive to menopause, like her calf she will be abandoned to either starve or be slaughtered. 

Is there a need to say anything else? Now that you know the truth, it is your decision to make: to buy dairy or… boycott dairy.  


6 Make-Up Free Tips to Look Picture-Ready At All Times

6 easy, quick, and hassle-free ways to make heads turn everywhere you go

Make-up makes one look good and defines features. But applying cosmetics is a treacherous, inefficient, and time taking process. Plus, it hides one’s natural beauty, has a lot of chemicals and toxins, and is bad for the skin. So, are there other ways to compensate for makeup, if so what, let us find out:-

  1. Health is wealth

The best way of looking beautiful is to keep healthy. A fit person does not need good clothes or maquillage to look pretty, he or she is pretty likewise. A healthy person is anyone who exercises and eats right, he/she doesn’t need to be thin. 

  1. Hair is the key

A good hairstyle lights up any face, find a haircut that suits you. Use homemade remedies and coconut oil to make your hair look shiny and voluminous. Do not go overboard with commercial products, they tend to cause hair fall and hair damage. 

  1. Take care of your skin

Keep your skin looking fresh, clean, and beautiful with the proper nutrition and sunlight. Applying too many chemicals to your skin will make it dry, tight, and wrinkled. Instead opt for natural alternatives like aloe vera, amla, and turmeric paste. 

  1. Correct Posture

Straight posture instantly shaves pounds off your form. If you are sitting slouched right now then straighten your back, rest your shoulders, and set your chin at a comfortable position. Regular exercise will improve your posture.

  1. Waxing

Regular waxing is an important aspect of looking attractive without makeup. It also gives your skin a glowy, natural, and fresh look. Waxing removes the dead cells from the body 

  1. Be happy and show it

The most beautiful thing is to be happy and the best way to show it is to smile. Spread beauty everywhere you go with a pretty smile lightning up your face and others’ day.

So, dear friends, did you like these tips? Why not give them a try? If you find it useful, share them with friends and family. Meanwhile, remember this – One may look good with makeup, but you look great without it. 


Why You Should Start Baking At Home Right Now

Baking has many benefits from weight loss to improvement in mental health, let us read about some of them.

Who doesn’t love a slice of freshly baked vanilla cake or some good chocolate-chip cookies, but we hesitate on eating it because of its high sugar content. Baked items from bakeries and factories have lots of chemicals, preservatives, and high sugar content. But market frauds are not the only reason to start baking, it also has many other advantages; here are some of them:

1.Baking has a calming effect

Many psychologists say baking is a stress and anxiety buster but Why? Let us find out-

Distracts The Mind–  Stress baking is a perfect distraction for the mind as it gives a sense of control and satisfaction. It requires complete focus and attention of the mind. Procrastibaking makes one focus on the smaller tasks at hand while doing something productive.

Repetition is calming- Repetitive motions involved in baking like whisking, kneading, and mixing have a calming effect on the mind like a therapeutic massage. 

Stimulates the senses-  The smell of vanilla essence, cocoa powder, and whatnot, just fills us with pleasure, doesn’t it. They also possibly bring back some good memories like birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. This allows the brain to produce endorphins which makes one forget why they started baking in the first place. Also, baking stimulates creativity.

2. Excuse To Exercise

Whisking, kneading, measuring, lifting, stretching, and cutting are just some of the activities involved in baking. Sitting at home, exercise and workouts tend to take a backseat as we all go into our ‘lazy-bones modes’. Baking not only has a good motive( DESSERT!) but it also gets one involved in other activities like doing the dishes, mopping, etc. 

3. The Way Into Peoples’ Hearts Is Through Their Bellies

  1. Improve relationships- A small gesture of kindness goes a long way. Baking somebody a cake or a batch of cookies isn’t a big task for you, but it will touch their hearts instantly. Share whatever you have made, not only with your family but also with your neighbors and friends. 
  1. Brings everyone close- Baking together is a great way to spend quality time with your family, kids, and even friends. Yes, baking is a great activity to do with your friends at a sleepover, trust me it is a lot of fun and one gets to show off his or her cooking skills. It is a fun and delicious way to teach kids household chores like cleaning, cooking, etc.
  1. I am sorry- Baking someone a cake is also a great way to ask for forgiveness!. To show that you are truly sorry, they don’t have a choice now do they?  
  1. Don’t eat it all alone- You don’t plan on gobbling up everything, do you? Sharing will help you keep your sugar intake in check.

 Oh God! That was a lot of benefits but hang on we are not done yet.

4. Escape From Market Frauds

  1. The problem- A study conducted by SCE found out that 84% of the bread sold in the market including pizzas and burgers have cancer-causing chemicals like potassium bromate and potassium iodate. Local bakeries and eateries have low hygienic standards plus they use low-quality ingredients to cut down on their cost. Good and renowned bakeries in return are too costly for someone to eat freely. The downsides of processed goods like biscuits, bread, and chocolate have already been explained to us thoroughly enough. 
  1. The solution-  Baking at home seems to be the only cheap, healthy, and hygienic way. Downsides- Time-consuming, I agree that it requires patience, effort, and most importantly time. But, hey I am sure that we all can take out one hour a day at least. 
  1. Changes we can make- 
  1. Use jaggery and honey instead of sugar
  2. Whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour.
  3. Decrease the number of fatty substances like oil, butter, and cream.


Baking has lots of benefits and is a great and productive hobby for sure. This article’s purpose is to only suggest to start baking, whether one wants to or does not want to it  is his or her own wish. 

Is it only me or all this talk of dessert is making everyone’s mouth water too? I am going to go right now and bake something delicious, you should too.

Let us end with this quote

“Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards.”