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Reached home today!

After 40 and half hours of traveling we finally set foot into our home in Bangalore. The train journey was the best I had in years. The girl in the seat next to me was exactly my age. Plus, there was an architecture convention in Christ University, so there many college students travelling. We played… Continue reading Reached home today!

Made a New Friend 

Today was the perfect weather to stay in at home, sit by the window, and read a good book. The day started with light rains, and was replaced by cool breezes. My friend here in this great morning is “Like the Flowing River” by Paulo Coelho. A collection of short stories and articles, the one… Continue reading Made a New Friend 

Redesigned My website!

Hello everyone, I know I am writing after a long time but I had my board exams last month. And like always I prepared the entire course last minute, so as you can expect I was in a bit of a time crunch😖.  Anyways, I came to my hometown last month and have been working… Continue reading Redesigned My website!


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About Me

Hey There, my name is Pihu. I am a chess player and a content writer. In this blog I share with you the lessons and experiences I have gotten over a year of homeschooling.

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