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Gender Bias in My Village

As you know I am in my hometown in Uttar Pradesh. I want to address an issue which I have noticed while walking in my village. Anybody coming over here after staying in a metropolis or a city will clearly notice that the ratio of boys to girls on the streets is too abstract. 

This is one of the major reasons for violence on women. The number of men and women should be equal on the streets so no gender will be at a disadvantage. If there is a healthy and equal ratio on streets, crime rate will reduce automatically. I personally believe if family members restrict sending the women out they should do the same to men too . 

It should be equal right? What is your take on this? Do you think I am right or wrong? Please tell me in the comment section below. 


Redesigned My website!

Hello everyone, I know I am writing after a long time but you see I had my board exams last month. Like always I prepared the entire course last minute, so as one can guess, I was in a bit of a time crunch😖( ok, a lot of time crunch).

Anyways, I came to my nani’s house as soon as my exams finished. Over here have been working really hard on redesigning the website, as you probably noticed. Yes, it took almost twenty days, I will admit it was harder than I thought. 

Do you like it? My aim is to make it more interactive, efficient, and elegant. Please also tell me any suggestions you might have. Don’t forget to stay tuned for fun and engaging content. 


Arrival Day 2: Day Trip to Akshardham 

From my previous blog you know that I am in Ahmedabad, at my grandma’s house.  I arrived yesterday. Today we went to the famous Akshardham. We left around 2 ’o’ clock. The temple is 30km from the city center which takes about 45 minutes to cover. 

It was scorching hot when we reached. So, my aunt and I had some juice, which she had brought from home. It wasn’t necessary though, since there were many lemon soda and sugarcane juice stalls, along with chaats, gujarati snacks, and handmade clothes stalls. 

While entering, there was a huge queue, We had to submit all leather items, wallets, phones, and bags in a locker.  We first walked beside the beautiful gardens showcasing elephants and idols made from hedges. The temple was very beautiful with intricate carvings. Inside it was like any normal Hindu temple. On the top floor there was an art gallery on Sri Swaminarayan’s life. All the paintings were original and handmade and not printed!

Then we went to the Exhibition.There were many paintings, acts, and scenes, telling stories or giving knowledge about the Ancient Indian Civilization over there. We didn’t even notice, we had already spent four hours inside, and there was still so much left to see.

It was now time for the light and sound show, so we hurried there. They were narrating the story of Nachiketha( a short masterpiece in the ancient Katha Upanishad). We were all starving by the time the show was finished. So, we went to the canteen to have dinner. Oh! And what a dinner, it was really tasty, one must try their canteen when they visit Akshardham. 

On our way back, we noticed a place full of lights, people, and stalls, thus we decided to stop there. The first thing we came across was the stalls displaying footwear such as heels, sandals, bellies, slippers, jootis, you name it!  Only at an average of 250-350 rupees per pair. I regret not buying one!

Inside there were many traditional and western wear shops, again diverse, cheap, and good quality. Honestly, this place is a fashion haven, even its name is Fashion Street. The fake jewellry stalls were even better. No, I am not kidding!. 

We had some amazing Chole Kulche and Mosambi Juice before finally leaving for home. 

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Arrival Day 1 

Ho, Finally landed, what a feeling! In the airport there was a slight confusion with the luggage belt. 

My aunt, my cousin, and grandpa have come to pick me up. While leaving we were in a hurry, to save the parking fine of 90 inr, but alas we were one minute past the deadline☹️( the queue itself was 2 mins long). While going home what caught my attention was the excellent quality of roads- very clean and big, but the traffic was very rash. There must have been countless times in our stay that we were almost hit. 

The major attraction that came our way was the Sabarmati Riverfront. When the Sabarmati river had started drying up, the government had diverted the water from the Narmada river. They also built parks and a walking track of 10 kms(!) on both the banks. 

After reaching home, I was overjoyed to meet my grandma. Later, she cooked methi ke parathe for all of us . 

In the evening both my aunts, uncle, and cousins went together to Riverfront Flower Park, which is a huge garden the government has developed near Sabarmati Riverfront. It looked even more beautiful and wonderful in springtime. 

There were many places to sit, and a small play area for children. There was even a lotus pond, it had many ducks and fishes in it. 

Later when we went home, we were thinking of stopping, for some street food. But Reyansh, my cousin, was sick. It wasn’t a bad decision though: my grandma had prepared amazing food and the entire family had dinner together. After finishing, nobody was in a mood to sleep, so we all stayed up till 4:30 am, talking!


For the View

Our first long trip alone is a big prospect. As we grow the definition of long changes- going to the grocery store down the street, taking the city bus alone, and traveling Inter-city. 

Today I had the longest solo trip of my life, From Bengaluru to Ahmedabad(1552 Km), but it is only 2 hour from flight. 

Yet I was so tensed out, not about the pre-boarding procedures but about the fact once I am on the plane there is no turning back. In just 2 hours I am in a strange place far from the people I call home, all alone. Plus there is always a margin for accidents, my luggage bag may get lost or my aunt might not be able to pick me up. But I also know if any of these situations do arise, I will be able to handle them. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone made me more confident and gave me an opportunity to grow. I attained courage and belief in myself which I would have hardly found anywhere else. So step outside of your comfort zone today and tell me what it brought you.