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Arrival Day 1 

Ho, Finally landed, what a feeling! In the airport there was a slight confusion with the luggage belt. My aunt, her son, and grandpa have come to pick me up. While leaving we were in a kind of hurry to save the parking fine of 90 INR, but alas we were one minute past the deadline:(( the queue itself was 2 mins long). While going home what caught my attention was the excellent quality of roads- very clean and big. But the traffic was equally bad, like there must have been countless times in our stay that we were almost hit. The major attraction that came our way was the Sabarmati Riverfront. When the Sabarmati river had started drying up, the government had diverted the water  from the Narmada river, and developed 10 Kms of path on both the banks for the people to walk, exercise, cycle, and simply relax. After reaching home It felt really nice to meet my grandma. Later I had breakfast after ages, since I normally don’t eat in the morning. My grandma had prepared methi ke parathe with fresh malai.The rest of the day I took off from studying and played with my cousin Hemanth. 

In the evening both my aunts, uncle, and their children went together to Riverfront flower park. Near the Riverfront the government has developed many parks, gardens, playing areas, and much more. The Flower park was especially beautiful and even more wonderful during springtime. There were many places to sit, and had a small park for children, there was even a pond. Later we went home, though we were in full mood to stop for some street side Gujarati food but Reyansh( my second cousin – 3 years old) was sick. But we couldn’t stop staring at the aromatic stalls lined with masalas, chutneys, and oils. But it wasn’t a bad decision since my grandma had prepared amazing food and the entire family had dinner together. And we all stayed up till 4:30 am the next day chit chatting!


For the View

Our first long trip alone is a big prospect. As we grow the definition of long changes- going to the grocery store down the street, taking the city bus alone,  and traveling Inter-city. Today I had the longest solo trip of my life, From Bengaluru to Ahmedabad(1552 Km), but it is only 2 hour from flight. Yet I was so tensed out, not about the pre-boarding procedures but about the fact once I am on the plane there is no turning back. In just 2 hours I am in a strange place far from the people I call home, all alone. Plus there is always a margin for accidents, my luggage bag may get lost or my aunt might not be able to pick me up. But I realized what has to be done, has to be done, and somewhere inside I know that if any of these circumstances arrived I was strong enough to face them. Suddenly just like that I was not afraid and actually enjoyed myself, Took some photos ; –

Saw the stalls at the airport. Stepping out of my comfort zone made me more confident and gave me an opportunity to grow. I attained courage and belief in myself which I would have hardly found anywhere else. So step outside of your comfort zone today and tell me what it brought you.

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Just a Small Observation

I wanted to post this article yesterday but I had some stuff to do and by the time I finished it, it was already 23:35, but mostly I am just super lazy. So, anyways I will post it today. 
As you know from my previous article, I recently repotted my plant, which inspired me to take on the bigger task of starting a small vegetable garden. As I was looking for some good sunshine-recieving spots, I realized unlike before there were very few. Since we live in a flat and there is another flat attached to our east side, all the balconies are naturally west facing. Thus, before I think in the rainy season we used to get plenty of sunlight between 13:00 upto 17:00 in all the three balconies, it was the best time for my plants. Then came winter which was the worst time for them, almost 5 died due to lack of sunlight, everyday there was just a gray, gloomy bunch of clouds hanging over the city. But when the sunlight did come though, I didn’t notice it then, It had slightly changed its angle and we didn’t receive as much light in the main balcony as before. And in summer it has changed even more:- we have stopped getting any sunlight on all the three balconies, just a little spot in one balcony for 1-2 hours. Now it might sound like I am complaining but I am not, I am just telling it is such a subtle thing I never noticed before. The sun had just changed its route in the sky a bit we can say and I don’t know why it happens maybe because of Earth’s tilt and its rotation around the sun. If you think about it, it has absolutely no effect on our daily lives, on our work, or on our routine. And I don’t think so, I would have noticed it at all, if I hadn’t taken my plants more seriously. This is one of the many advantages of gardening. We inevitably get more in contact with and knowledgeable about our environment which is actually very critical. We understand many things which I have just started scratching the surface of like compost, good fertilizers, quality of soil, etc. So tell me if you are an avid gardener, what have you learned from it? And if you are not, do you plan to become one soon, I definitely do!


Repotting My Plant

My creeper was growing really well, So I decided it was time for it to move into a bigger pot. Now I must mention I had done nothing like this before, though I had a little bit of an idea because the guy in the nursery had tried to teach me how. So, I knew a few basic stuff. 

First I started off by choosing a pot, but the soil in it had gone completely dry and hard. So, I poured water when that didn’t work I turned it around and poured water from the bottom. Finally the soil came out and I transported it to yet another pot. Now, I separated the soft mud and the dry mud(which I kept for later use. After filling the pot about 3/4ths I mixed in a little compost. Then finally I added the Cocopeat, now we are all go for the final step. Miraculously and with great difficulty I managed to shift the plant in one piece. And this is the Final result.

please tell me how it is looking. 

One reason that I wrote about this was because after many days I broke the routine and tried something new. And it made me feel really happy and satisfied. As my favorite saying goes:- “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” My answer as of 1 month before would have been “ I don’t remember!”, what is your answer? Please tell me in the comment section below. See you there!


Hello Again!

I know It has almost been 2 ½ months since I last wrote and I am sorry for taking such a long break. But there was some stuff going on and I was hardly able to find any time. But these are all just excuses so I am back here again to write and tell all about being a homeschooled teenager! If you want you can read my Unschooling Diaries In which I have already covered my lessons, experiences, and routine. I also plan to post many more exciting stuff like my experience with gardening, traveling alone, chess, etc. So please stay tuned. I will see you again tomorrow.

As always I am more than happy to read you suggestion and ideas, which you can send me on :-  Contact Me