Visit to Lalbagh!

My and my mom were just coming back from my NIOS centre. When we decided to take a trip to Lalbagh, which is just besides the college. Our main motivation was the delicious freshly-squeezed juice which is sold in there. But instead we had a glass of Neera each, which is made from coconut flower extracts. Than we took some photos, walked around, and sat for some time. Before leaving we brought some home grown mangoes from a farmers shop. Here are some clicks for you to enjoy:-

Lalbagh was made by Haider Ali, the ruler of Mysuru in 1760. Encompassing more than 240 acres, it hosts over 2000 species of Flora. Hayder Ali, had ordered saplings from the different corners of the enitre world and planted it here. Now there are many trees which are around 250 years old.

It is currently being looked after by the goverment.

There are many sculptures made of trees, which either died or were not able to sutvive for some reason.

“Flower Buddha”

One or two families can always be found here, talking, walking, exploring togethor.

The state government has made many exhibitions and glasshouses like this to potray various themes like Japanese Bonsai, Cacti, etc.

A work in progress…

If you are visiting Banglore, Lalbagh is definitely worth adding to your priority attractions list. It is also a great place to bring your kids for some fun, educative, screen-free, natural, and quality time.

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