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Arrival Day 1 

Ho, Finally landed, what a feeling! In the airport there was a slight confusion with the luggage belt. My aunt, her son, and grandpa have come to pick me up. While leaving we were in a kind of hurry to save the parking fine of 90 INR, but alas we were one minute past the deadline:(( the queue itself was 2 mins long). While going home what caught my attention was the excellent quality of roads- very clean and big. But the traffic was equally bad, like there must have been countless times in our stay that we were almost hit. The major attraction that came our way was the Sabarmati Riverfront. When the Sabarmati river had started drying up, the government had diverted the water  from the Narmada river, and developed 10 Kms of path on both the banks for the people to walk, exercise, cycle, and simply relax. After reaching home It felt really nice to meet my grandma. Later I had breakfast after ages, since I normally don’t eat in the morning. My grandma had prepared methi ke parathe with fresh malai.The rest of the day I took off from studying and played with my cousin Hemanth. 

In the evening both my aunts, uncle, and their children went together to Riverfront flower park. Near the Riverfront the government has developed many parks, gardens, playing areas, and much more. The Flower park was especially beautiful and even more wonderful during springtime. There were many places to sit, and had a small park for children, there was even a pond. Later we went home, though we were in full mood to stop for some street side Gujarati food but Reyansh( my second cousin – 3 years old) was sick. But we couldn’t stop staring at the aromatic stalls lined with masalas, chutneys, and oils. But it wasn’t a bad decision since my grandma had prepared amazing food and the entire family had dinner together. And we all stayed up till 4:30 am the next day chit chatting!

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