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Just a Small Observation

I wanted to post this article yesterday but I had some stuff to do and by the time I finished it, it was already 23:35, but mostly I am just super lazy. So, anyways I will post it today. 
As you know from my previous article, I recently repotted my plant, which inspired me to take on the bigger task of starting a small vegetable garden. As I was looking for some good sunshine-recieving spots, I realized unlike before there were very few. Since we live in a flat and there is another flat attached to our east side, all the balconies are naturally west facing. Thus, before I think in the rainy season we used to get plenty of sunlight between 13:00 upto 17:00 in all the three balconies, it was the best time for my plants. Then came winter which was the worst time for them, almost 5 died due to lack of sunlight, everyday there was just a gray, gloomy bunch of clouds hanging over the city. But when the sunlight did come though, I didn’t notice it then, It had slightly changed its angle and we didn’t receive as much light in the main balcony as before. And in summer it has changed even more:- we have stopped getting any sunlight on all the three balconies, just a little spot in one balcony for 1-2 hours. Now it might sound like I am complaining but I am not, I am just telling it is such a subtle thing I never noticed before. The sun had just changed its route in the sky a bit we can say and I don’t know why it happens maybe because of Earth’s tilt and its rotation around the sun. If you think about it, it has absolutely no effect on our daily lives, on our work, or on our routine. And I don’t think so, I would have noticed it at all, if I hadn’t taken my plants more seriously. This is one of the many advantages of gardening. We inevitably get more in contact with and knowledgeable about our environment which is actually very critical. We understand many things which I have just started scratching the surface of like compost, good fertilizers, quality of soil, etc. So tell me if you are an avid gardener, what have you learned from it? And if you are not, do you plan to become one soon, I definitely do!

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