The Best Chess YouTubers to Watch Out for to Step Up Your Game

Find out how the internet has evened out the playing field for everyone

Recently, I have participated in a few OTB tournaments. Over there I met many people who had not received any professional coaching yet had a 50% win rate. Even more than some rated players! I asked them their secret and they told me YouTube had helped them a great deal. YouTube has made knowledge accessible and affordable for everyone. Browse through many FM’s, IM’s, and GM’s posting quality and knowledgeable content online.  The best part about youtube is it adds a fun twist to learning. All of this aside I have to say YouTube can obviously never equal a teacher but can only make do. Let us now dive into the world of Chess YouTubers and streamers. 

  1. ChessBase India 

ChessBase India is an organization that helps boost chess in India. They also have a YouTube Channel which is very Informative and contains games sorted according to openings and players. They have more than 100+ videos on how to improve your chess, 100+videos on endgames, and even opening preparations. The Founder and host IM Sagar Shah and his wife, COO, and co-host WIM Amruta Mokal also cover all the major tournaments happening around the world. The best players in the world like Anish Giri, Teimour Rajdabov, Garry Kasparov, etc make regular appearances on this channel. They also have a members feature which one can join by paying a monthly fee of anywhere between 1 to 10 USD, depending on the person’s wish. The entire money which is collected by the end of the month will be given to financially weak chess players to help them on their journey. 

  1. GothamChess

GothamChess will be one of the first YouTubers whose name comes to mind when talking about chess channels. Founded and hosted by IM Levy Rozman, the channel is named after his hometown New York. GothamChess stands apart from others because of his unique way of explaining things, which is fun and very to understand. He not only analyses master’s games but also games of lower rating ranges like 1200 or 1400. Let us see few of his series

  1. Win At Chess
  2. Chess History
  3. Guess the Elo
  4. Endgames
  5. Chess Tips
  6.   Chess Lessons Collabs
  7. Magnus Tour 2020, Lindores Abbey, Chessable Masters, The Legends of Chess, The Final
  8. How To solve Chess Tactics
  9. GothamChess Openings
  10. GothamChess Guide

3. Agadmator’s Chess Channel

Agadmator is a channel founded and managed by Antonio Radić, a Candidate Master from Croatia. As of April 2021, his was the 2nd most famous chess channel with 1.16 million subs only surpassed by GothamChess with 1.23 million subs. Antonio analyzes Master Games on his channel. There is rarely a game you won’t find there:- Old Games, Recent Games, Just Played Games, World Championship Games, First encounters, Last Encounters, and many more. His explanations are lucid and deep. One learns openings, chess facts, and chess history from his videos. I guarantee you will keep coming back for more. 

4. Hanging pawns

I have returned to Hanging Pawns numerous number of times for opening repertoire and preparation tips. Tomic, Stjepan the founder and host describes his channel as ‘ a chess channel for players who are trying to improve (by a player who is trying to improve).’ If nothing else his own story is very inspiring and motivating. Stjepan started playing chess very late (his first tournament game was at the age of 26) and his aim is to work hard everyday until he becomes a GM, his current elo is 1984. His channel is very organized and contains videos on many openings, almost all the openings one can think of. He also has game analysis and endgames on his channel. 

5. Remote Chess Academy 

Founded by GM Igor Smirnov, Remote Chess Academy is a great YouTube channel for newbies trying to improve. It has many traps, opening lines, and game analysis. His explaining style is clear, distinctive, and easy to understand. Even other titled players come and give guest lectures on the channel. He also has a blog and a website, where you can shop for his courses. 

6. ChessMood 

I was really confused about whether I should choose Saint Louis Chess Club or ChessMood to write about.  And although Saint Louis definitely has more content, It is for the more serious players(a.k.a It is kind of hard to keep awake till the end of the video). ChessMood on the other hand has short, lite, and engaging lessons which keep the interest of the viewer and appeal to them to come back again and again. Mainly hosted by GM Avetik Grigoryan, They have an entire team of 5 GMs who regularly post videos, answer their viewers’ questions, etc. They even have a website which is definitely worth checking out, and I even recommend subscribing to the newsletter. Their motto is ‘Right Mood = Right Move’. What makes them great is the fact, they just don’t want to make a few bucks, but sincerely want their students to improve.      

Some other, must-see YouTubers

  1. Eric Rosen
  2. Saint Louis Chess Club   
  3. Chess.com
  4. Chess Talk
  5. iChess.net        

In summary, 

So guys, there you go, I have covered all the chess YouTubers, I hope I didn’t leave out anyone. If you have any suggestions, please do drop them in the comment section below. If you like my content please like and share. Remember Vladimir Kramnick once said “ Chess is body-building. If you train every day you stay in top shape. It is the same with your brain- Chess is a matter of daily training.” 

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