My Shopping Expedition

I don’t have anything to wear, I cry out loud for the nth time. And I could already see the steam rising from dad’s ears. You always have nothing to wear, he says. But my tournaments are starting and everything good has become tight, I reply. Fine says he but if you do not wear what you brought this time then I will never take you shopping again. ‘Ok’ I say with relief and happiness ‘I will’.

We decided to try this great shop in Jayanagar 4th block which my best friend had pointed out, it was a type of a thrift store. What makes it so special? Original branded clothes straight from the showroom are available at 1/5th the price. The catch- these are the ones that don’t get sold till the end of the month and probably won’t get sold next month either. Instead of letting them gather dust, the outfits are sold in bulk to stores like these. So, These are probably the ones all of us will sideline in a branded shop. But for the expert eye, there are some real diamonds in the rough to be found here too.  

Going out of the context a bit. I accompanied my friend shopping last to last week and now I know what it is like from the other side of the looking glass. Oh! If your partner takes too long, one just feels like pulling their hair and screaming at one point. Going back to the story, I decided, owing to my new realization, to be super fast this time as to not bore my parents. And I have to admit I might have been a little bit too speedy. Because standing in front of my house’s mirror the clothes just didn’t look as good as they did in the changing room light. But I also knew good jeans, a cute hairstyle, and a little makeup would make everything fine.

Isn’t it incredible how India caters to the needs of everyone from the poor to the rich? You can buy a dress for 10,000 bucks and a little farther down the street another one in less than 100. There is a living for everyone over here who is ready to use their brains and earn. 

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