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 Unschooling Diaries #9: Why the Schools System is the Way it is

If we ask ourselves why the school system is the way it is instead of how you will never send your kids to school again. Because by asking ‘why’ we get to know the real intention, motive, and purpose of the entire school system. What do they want to make of children? 

So, tell me why is the school system the way it is? Why do they murder creativity? Why don’t they teach anything related to practical life? Why do they refuse to evolve with the times? Why don’t they give proper financial education? Because they don’t want us to think, grow, evolve,  learn, and dream. The child’s mind is so conditioned in these institutions to kill all ideas, creativity, and curiosity. What does one do when one has no imagination and thinking, A job! Or should I say modern-day slavery?  Yes, that is the purpose of the school to get people ready for jobs. They don’t want to create musicians, sports players, artists, travelers,  entrepreneurs,  or writers. No, they just want to create servants for the system. Is that all you want your kids to be slaves to the elite? Or do you want to make a happy and smart human being who lives life to the fullest and on his own terms? 

Why in schools is creativity murdered, financial literacy ignored, and talent suppressed, is a very important question to ask.What do schools want to make of children, if it is artists, sports players, or entrepreneurs?

Are schools just institutions designed to make a person ready for a corporate job? These days in the world of internet and technology, there are many ways for a person to earn money, instead of a 50-60 hour per week desk job. There are many skills which have less work hours and high pay like Content writing, content creation, Private tutoring, etc. Shouldn’t there be a healthy balance between studies and all this? 

Tell me what you think? Shouldn’t skill development be a necessary part of the curriculum in today’s world? 

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