Unschooling Diaries #2: Just a Regular Old Day…

Today I will provide you a sneak peek into my unschooling quarantine routine. So, let’s get started.

My father wakes me up at 8, telling me it is 8: 30 knowing that is the only way to get me out of bed. After freshening up, I sit down for meditation, followed by half an hour of yoga. Then I play a few chess games, analyze them, and practice chess till lunchtime…And then practice again for some more time. 

After watering the plants and taking a bath, It is time for my favorite part of the day- Playing! Subsequently, I go to meet and give some treats to my four-pawed, furry, and homeless(stray) friend. After playing with my cat-Monu, I study economics and read a book. At last, it is time for dinner, followed by writing, and finally-Sleep. 

“Guys, this routine is very loose. I am not at all a believer in timetables. Einstein once said “ The only constant is change”, which reminds one of impermanence. A crucial concept, but more on that tomorrow…

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