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Is School Just a Social Norm?

Why sending your child to school might not be the best option

A single system can’t be perfect for everyone. Schooling is a great system, let’s rephrase that – schooling is a great system for a certain number of people. A system is best for a person based on his or her characteristics, personality, and individuality. So, how is it possible for 99.97% of children to have the same persona? Why are only 0.3% of all children opting for alternative education methods? Do all of them have the same disposition, I don’t think so. Below are 3 reasons stating it’s high time parents started reconsidering their approach towards education.

  1. Mediocrity

School produces mediocres and followers. The system is designed in such a way that achieving excellence in anything is near impossible. Rather than focusing on a particular field attention is divided in several different directions without reaching specialization in any. 

2. Roots are important

To finish the problems in our society, one must understand the roots and basis of it. We can say that the building foundations of children are; family, school, and society, they are largely impacted by these three factors. A child learns about social dogmas like gender discrimination, warfare, etc. quite early in school. Slowly as he grows older these ideas of politics, money, social acceptance are firmly established in his mind. If the system fails to acknowledge these matters then how can we blame the individual if he grows up to become a misogynist, illusioned, and vacillant person?

3. But are not values too?

One Value Education class in an entire week is not useful for instilling ethics in children. Why doesn’t the schooling system give happiness, love, and health as much importance as studies, jobs, and opportunities? Ethics like not littering, caring for the environment, being more mindful and thoughtful, etc. are also a crucial part of education. We need to teach children that being happy, peaceful, and free is more important than being rich, successful, and famous. 

With the evidence stated above, we can safely say;  school is just a social norm. 

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